elevation perspective of tower

Huafa Economic Headquarters ↑ ↓

Zhuhai, China

Huafa HQ is a 350m, 180,000 sqm mixed-use skyscraper overlooking Macau. Because of its unusual program stack of office over residential, the key design consideration was resolving its longer lease depth at the top versus below while maintaining its area and form. The developed solution was to push the negative space towards the center, as seen below in plan and section.


Atrium + Reflector ↑

Huafa Economic Headquarters

Bringing daylight into a 130m atrium was a challenge posed as a result of the lease depth solution outlined above. To bring as much natural light in as possible, a static solar reflector was designed at the top of the atrium that would bounce light in like a periscope. After determining the method of numerically grading the efficiency of individual panel based on rotation, galapagos and honeybee were used in conjunction to develop the scale-like field of reflectors.


Pagoda Tower ↑ ↓

USC 2017 Fall Project

This mid-rise is situated on the corner of 3rd and Traction in the Arts District. Emphasis was on implementing a wooden structure system, envelope, and codes into the design. Engaging the lively street atmosphere was an important consideration in the design process, which was realized through the unusual wooden underbellies that cantilever over the balconies.


UXO Laboratories ↑ ↓

USC 2018 Spring Undergrad Thesis

The border between Vietnam and Laos is still littered with Unexploded Ordinances. The locations of these mines reveal what used to be the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This area is further complicated by the natural ecosystems that filled in this space left alone by humans. This series of laboratory proposes an intial entry into pockets of developable land using an overlapping river system, the Mekong River Baisin.